I’m Yann Bauquesne, Lead Creative based in Brussels.

I focus my approach on smart branding by developing a mixed methodology, between design thinking (collaborative work, workshops) and user experience (in-depth research phase, working on retention / loyalty).
I’m UX certified by Nielsen Norman Group.

I’m convinced that putting empathy at the heart of our processes will reveal the points of convergence between your brand and its users.

The 90s/00s communication and positioning approach has passed, today’s users are clear-headed and vigilant about superficial values and marketing-driven actions taken by brands. Communicating on a societal or green values is no longer enough, brands have to be true to themselves, be honest, take action, and inspire their audiences.

My beliefs can be summarised in one catchphrase: good design sells, great design empowers.

So let’s work on it! Contact me via my contact page or by email
More info on my Linkedin profile.

Some clients I had the chance to work with: