The « My gift project » is a street art performance launched ten years ago in France and in the various countries I had the chance to visit. Coming from a background in graffiti, I decided to change my medium and my approach to urban art.

I decided to leave the walls to work on glass and transparent materials (pvc, plexi…). I kept my drawing style, but began using a dripping technique to paint on the back of glass plates, layer by layer. Each painting is unique, I discover the result once the painting is finished.

Once familiar with this technique, I went back to the streets, to place paintings in different places in the cities I visited (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New Orleans, Abu Dhabi and more recently Brussels).
The idea is to put the paintings at more or less arm’s height to make them easily accessible by passers-by who make a little effort. Once the painting is removed, they see a note on the back that informs them that the painting is theirs. The only thing I want in return is a picture of them and their find via email or Instagram.

I had the chance to exhibit at the Center d’Art Faux Mouvement in Metz, at the Joel Nepper gallery, at the Rotondes, as well as at the Grand Théâtre for the Breaking Convention event in Luxembourg.

New paintings are coming to Brussels soon, more info on my Instagram account!