Straight to the point – what did I do?

I created the concept, designed the identity of the event, icons, brochures, the POS, and managed the partners and suppliers in Berlin and Monaco.
Project made for Greenpepper Agency, event pictures by Ferma.


The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) represents the risk management profession on a European level, counting nearly 4,800 risk managers.

The association provides the means of coordinating risk management and optimizing the impact of these associations in Europe.


Every two years, Ferma organizes a major event, inviting the risk manager’s community to discuss the issues of the sector and bringing experts, professionals and lecturers together. Each event takes place in a different European city, with a different main topic and identity. About 1,500 people participate in this important seminar.

Aim the future – Entering a new dimension in risk management” was the slogan of the 2019 Ferma seminar. Based on this topic, I developed a strong and catchy concept combining ideas such as movement, moving forward, anticipation, target and future. We wanted to avoid a too literal representation of the future and what will be at stake, this being too common and not very engaging.

I created the main visual by combining traditional photography and 3D rendering. A risk manager (male for the brochures, female for presentations and stage design) firmly approaches a neon / 3D type portal representing new technologies and the future in general. This visual is reinforced by a reworked typography, light and contemporary, consistent with the theme.

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