Straight to the point – what did I do?

I created the whole campaign, bought the fries, directed the photo shoot, and designed the brochures, posters and printed material. I wrote the press release, contacted Pub Magazine, M&M and Adada for some coverage. I designed and developed the website, social pages and ads.
Picture by Luc Dufrène.


Get a job interview in a creative agency, in a new country.

Leaving Luxembourg with no contacts in Brussels, I had to find a way to be seen and encourage people to check out my portfolio. I decided to deploy a cross-media self-promotion campaign which had to be fun and impactful on the streets, in bars and on social media.

I used the Belgian clichés of fries and beer to stage myself in a quirky way. The catchphrase was straight to the point, one piece of intriguing information:

With the help of Googlemaps, I targeted communication agencies, put up posters in their neighbourhoods and dropped flyers in bars I expected creative teams to go to.

A week after the campaign, I went by every agency with a pink package for the DC or managing partner (who I shamelessly stalked on Linkedin).

  • 2 ruined shirts
  • 250 posters
  • 1,000 flyers placed in 20 bars
  • 3 slides in pigeon poop
  • 1 sprint
  • 1 multilingual website
  • 10,000 facebook views
  • 13,000 Instagram views
  • 1 press release (articles here and here)
  • 18 packages delivered
  • 1 Lead Creative job at Greenpepper Agency.

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